CNC Arduino Shield V3 (grbl compatible)
€ 9.75
In stock 
RAMPS 2560 Electronics - Atmega 2560 (Arduino-compatible)
€ 24.25
In stock 
RAMPS v1.4 - Pre-assembled 3D printer board
€ 14.50
In stock 
RAMPS 1.4 - Prusa / MendelMax Kit
€ 120.99
RAMPS 1.4 - Basic Kit
€ 60.50
In stock 
RAMPS v1.4 - PCB only for DIY assembly
RAMPS is a low-cost 3D controller board to be used as a shield for the Arduino Mega board
PrintHat v1 - 32-bit motor controller board for Raspberry Pi
Extension board to the Raspberry PI, allowing you to run a 3D printer
  • Fast, space efficient daughter board for Raspberry Pi
  • Runs Klipper firmware with Octoprint controller using customized Raspbian OS

Control boards

Arduino Mega 2560 rev3 (Original)
€ 47.50
In stock 
Arduino Uno Development board (Original Arduino)
€ 26.75
In stock 
RADDS v1.6 - Pre-assembled 3D printer board
RepRap Arduino-Due Driver Shield (RADDS)
€ 64.99
In stock 
Raspberry Pi 4 model B (4 GB)
Advanced mini single-board computer (4GB version), with great specs. Great for hobby projects or controlling 3D printers
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Processor: 64-bit Quad-core Cortex-A72
  • Network: Yes
  • WIFI: Yes
€ 82.95


External SD Card board v1.1
€ 10.89
In stock 
External thermocouple board v1.2
€ 11.99
In stock 
Keypad v1.0 - Fully Assembled
€ 18.25
In stock 
MFR1100 11A PTC Resettable fuse for RAMPS
€ 1.89
In stock 
MFR500 5A Fuse
€ 1.89
In stock 
DRV8825 Driver Carrier (original)
DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, High Current
  • Driver Chip: DRV8825
€ 10.89
In stock 
Smart controller Graphical LCD ( 12864 LCD )
Upgrade your printer with a LCD screen
€ 42.45
In stock 
DRV8825 Stepstick 1/32 microstep Stepper Motor Driver
Pololu-compatible 2A 1/32 microsteps modular stepper driver
€ 10.45
In stock 
USB Connection cable 0.4m (type B to type A)
€ 1.89
In stock 
USB Connection cable 95cm (MicroUSB to type A)
€ 4.50
In stock 
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