Beagle 3D printer

Beagle 3D printer

The Beagle 3D printer is a collaborative open-source effort between designers and 3D printing experts in the Netherlands. Having recognized the unique advantages of Delta FDM printers in speed, quality and reliability, our team took the best qualities of the most popular designs from the robust RepRap community and found ways to reduce the price, increase ease of construction and improve aesthetics. Our evolutionary achievement is a new kind of modular, scalable & upgradable DIY printer that can be assembled and commissioned within a fraction of the time of most other kits, providing many reliable and captivating hours of print time through the hypnotic motion of an industry-leading nozzle anchored between sleek reflective bars, mirrored glass bed and professionally printed matte vertices.

Entering at one of the lowest price points on the market, we are proud to have helped evolve the family of delta printers into the highest value 3D printer money can buy. We stand by the Beagle as the world's first 3D printer that combines Chinese-level pricing with Europe-level reliability. Adopt one today!

The Beagle: Dutch Designed, Sold Worldwide.


Other features include:

  • Frame construction divided into three intuitively distinct segments for quick assembly
  • Popular, industry-vetted Minitronics and Megatronics controller boards
  • Electronics and wiring structurally integrated and hidden for cleaner appearance
  • Reliable extruder hot end option supports 300+ deg C (included for Standard & Tower models)
  • Heated bed up to 100 deg C (included for Standard & Tower models)
  • Compact direct drive extruder (standard), or powerful Geared extruder upgrade
€ 499.00
As low as € 449.10
incl € 603.79
€ 64.90
As low as € 58.41
incl € 78.53

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