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This section contains the DIY RepRap 3D printer kits available on our site: Cartesian, Delta and SLA-DLP. The following list gives an overview of the kits and their advantages. The individual product pages give a complete overview of the kits. For more information on the different technologies, please see our information pages.

CoLiDo 3D printer - Cheapest option available
Prusa I3 PRO - Cheap printer with additional features compared to the CoLiDO
Beagle Mini - Cheapest Delta printer
Beagle Standard - Best value Delta printer
Beagle Tower - A bit higher than the standard
Kossel - Delta printer with higher quality mechanical components
MendelMax - Cartesian printer with higher quality components
SLA-DLP - Our new SLA-DLP printer

For a detailed comparison between the different 3D printer kits, please see the product comparison page here.

€ 206.25
€ 165.00
incl € 199.65
€ 256.25
€ 205.00
incl € 248.05
€ 370.00
incl € 447.70
€ 455.00
As low as € 409.50
incl € 550.55
€ 499.00
As low as € 449.10
incl € 603.79

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