MAHOR-XYZ V4 Pellet Extruder

MAHOR-XYZ V4 Pellet Extruder

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 23/06/2022 15:50:55
MAHOR-XYZ V4 Pellet Extruder

The V4 Pellet Extruder is a powerful device that brings many new printing capabilities. With the V4 Pellet Extruder by MAHOR-XYZ, you will be able to print with filament, pellets, and even laminate with your 3D printer. The V4 Pellet Extruder can have pellets loaded with a thickness spanning between 0.5 mm - 5.0 mm  and is compatible with versatile thermoplastics including PLA, ABS, PETG, and even some flexibles! One of the great features of the pellet extruder is its ability to mix one or more colors to create any look and achieve all your design goals. We have the Pellet extruder available in 12/24 volts and 50/70 watts, just click on the button below to find out more information.



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